Get your dose of summer. Life is getting sweeter, and here comes this time when you can finally escape the stress of work, the pollution of the city, the surrounding noise…
This same moment to finally take time for yourself, and cut off from it all. Let us carry you into the beauty of this world we all share together, through the camera lens of the Axon 30 Ultra. Images filled with this idea of a getaway, and captured to please your dreamiest travel desires.
It’s time to live again. Get inspired with #ShotOnZTE.


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Sun rays in Toronto streets

Fancy a free walk in the park

On the way to summer

Re-discover hidden places

Mister blue sky

The Axon 30 Ultra is all about power and affordability.
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TikTok Creator @isreal.films takes you for a summer photoshoot in the nature. 
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