May 29, 2022

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra: Everything You Need to Know

ZTE is back with the new and improved ZTE Axon 40 Ultra evolved from its predecessor, the Axon 30 Ultra. Staying true to the high quality of the ZTE brand, the latest edition to the family boasts a wide range of features that are not only top-of-the-range and adhere to all the demands of a phone that will withstand 2022 and beyond. ZTE’s Axon 40 Ultra is a smartphone that is going toe-to-toe with some of the industry’s most premium smartphone brands. Some of the noteworthy specs of the Axon 40 Ultra range from its sleeker-than-most design to a professional-level camera, upgraded processor, and immersive display. Looks like the market has heavy competition.

Below are some of the features to consider when making your next smartphone purchase.


A phone could have the most glorious specs in the game, but what are specs without an appealing design? It seems the Axon 40 Ultra doesn’t require any compromise. With its sleek waterfall-curve design and hole-free screen, every inch of the front surface makes for a true full-sized screen experience. Its rear complements this well with an equally smooth glass cover design and a further 71 degrees of super-curved waterfall finishing. Another one of the best features is the under-display front camera which has been neatly tucked into the screen barely noticeable but fully effective. It doesn’t just perform well, it looks good doing it.


Of course, the design isn’t all that matters. To further impress is the 6.8-inch AMOLED display on the curved screen which makes for an impeccable virtual experience with 10-bit color depth and high resolution. To make it better is a 144Hz refresh rate which creates a fully interactive experience something gamers will appreciate. But even if you are not a gamer, the visuals are worth remarking on. The 400 PPI pixel density creates a smooth viewing environment. All of this is topped off with low blue-light certification. With all the screen time we find ourselves exposed to, whether for work or personal reasons, the effect of blue light on our eyes is not something to overlook. A brand that cares is a brand to pay mind to, and ZTE has made sure to incorporate their consideration of our large exposure to blue-light into this design.


To be honest, the camera is one of the largest determining factors for whether your attention is kept or not, isn’t it? Well, even if the answer is no (which it never is), this model did not skimp on the high-quality camera. On it is a 35mm lens that produces spotless portraits and stills. Users get to take advantage of the Sony triple cameras with three different focal lengths and make their best pick from a 64-MP wide-angle, a 64-MP UHD Humanity primary camera, and a 64MP Telephoto primary camera. Selfies? Video calls? Sorted. There is a 16MP 3rd Gen front camera with 4-in-1 technology. Furthermore, amongst the wealth of professional-grade photographic capabilities are features such as AI and machine learning-based computational photography and various night-time settings for those “night-before” memories. An adaptable, high-detail camera to polish your media.


All the performance with less power consumption is what you get from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8th Generation 1 5G processor; ZTE’s most advanced processor yet. This ticks the box for a fast CPU, one, unlike anything the Axon 40 Ultra’s predecessors housed. This provides boosted photographic abilities and a brilliant gaming experience. All the power you need in a processor at the tip of your fingers.


You can safely say goodbye to having to worry about whether your phone will make it through the day. The 5000mAH battery with completely necessary 65W super-fast charging means every charge gives you peace of mind. However, one downside is that there is no wireless charging, but all things considered, that’s a small compromise for the other ten-million benefits that the device offers.

Final Thoughts

The Axon 40 Ultra comes in the color: Dream Black. A high-performing smartphone with a design edge, this one is worth a look.

ZTE’s latest pursuit leaves no room for lacking.

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