Without Any Imperfections

Meet ZTE Axon 40 Ultra, our most capable smartphone yet. A flawless full-size screen with zero holes surrounds the display to provide infinite, uninterrupted views. Flawless in the front and loaded in the rear, a powerful triple camera system sits alongside this well-polished frame.

Design So Flawless We Had to Say It Again

We’ve taken all the learnings from our predecessors to make our 3rd generation's under-display camera even better. The 16MP front-facing camera blends in seamlessly, taking the design to a whole new level.


That Brightens in Every Aspect


UDC Technology Advanced

Things have changed, thanks to our advanced UDC display chip. One-pixel circuit drives one-pixel unit. This allows each pixel to be independently controlled, eliminating the jagged edge effect for a clearer more detailed display.

400 PPI — Ultra-High Image Density

Sweeping over the display is a blue diamond pixel arrangement with 400 PPI image density, providing visual integration and imagery that is above industry standard quality.


Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Meet the Rockstar Processor

Inside every great smartphone lies a powerful processor. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is our most advanced 5G processor that completely transforms your experience — from taking pro-level photos and incredible night shots, to having super-charged gaming thrills.

Incredible graphics performance

Fastest CPU ever on an Axon smartphone

Optimizes speed, gaming, power, and imaging capabilities


Here’s to Epic Moments

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Triple Camera System

Good things come in three — like this triple primary camera system which has been perfectly integrated to deliver exceptional image quality at any angle.

64MP Wide-angle Primary Camera

16 mm equivalent focal length

4 cm AF micro

64MP UHD Humanity Primary Camera

35 mm equivalent focal length

optical image stabilization

64MP Periscope Telephoto Primary camera

Ultra high pixel density ensures that even when you zoom in, the quality of the picture remains crystal clear.

35mm Lens - A Breakthrough in Smartphone Photography

Our flagship smartphone comes with a triple camera system consisting of two Sony IMX 787 sensors and a game-changing 35mm lens. The result is a more powerful camera that helps you produce pro-grade portraits and incredible lifestyle shots.  

Sharpen Your Focus

Thanks to the UHD humanity camera and ultra-wide camera, Axon 40 Ultra is capable of achieving full-pixel omnidirectional focus, enabling faster and more accurate focus.

Attention to Detail

Ultra high pixel density ensures that even when you zoom in, the quality of the picture remains crystal clear.

Computational Photography Upgraded to the Max

AI and machine learning algorithms work alongside this triple camera system to enhance image capture, processing, and image quality.

Faster, smoother, and clearer shots

Custom adaptive shutter algorithm for capturing objects in motion

70% increase in image quality

Steadicam Stabilization

Shake no more. Dual OIS and EIS are combined to provide full system-wide image stabilization that meets the needs of users across a variety of shooting scenarios. A trio of microphones is also integrated to lock and enhance the sound quality during shoots.

Unforgettable Night Photography

By leveraging three primary cameras, night photography modes, and machine learning, Axon 40 Ultra is the ultimate contender in nighttime photography.

Smart Moon

Smart Moon leverages multiple shots and image calculations to magnify the moon to a level that mimics that of the naked eye.

Star Photography

Enabled by a suite of AI algorithms, Star Photography enhances stars in the night sky to create a more picturesque image.

Super Night Video

We’ve reworked our video technology so that even the darkest conditions don’t steal your shine. Powered by a 4nm processor and AI videography algorithms, Axon 40 Ultra delivers improved brightness, enhanced resolution, and reduced noise so you can capture stunning details in each frame.


Enhanced for the Ultimate Thrill


9-Layer Heat Dissipation System

Smartphones generate a lot of heat, especially during intense gaming. By combining a multi-layered heat dissipation system with active liquid cooling technologies, Axon 40 Ultra stays cool, calm, and collected.

X-axis Linear Motor with Full Vibration Upgrade

Linear motors have been upgraded so you can feel every touch of the game, experiencing stronger, near-console-level gaming vibrations.


Life That Lasts 24+ Hours

More Life

Battery capacity has also been upgraded to 5000mAh and 65W super-fast charging to give you juice that will last you more hours than there are in a day.