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The other party hears a noise during the call.

If the other party hears a noise (peer) during a call, please distinguish the following:
1. If noises are heard at any place:
1) When you hold a call, if you place your finger at the bottom of the mobile phone, when you move your finger, you may rub the position of the main microphone (MIC) out of the sound hole. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the position of your finger during the call and avoid placing your finger at the bottom.
2) The main microphone of the mobile phone is located at the side next to the USB interface at the bottom of the mobile phone (one is the speaker hole, and the other is the microphone air hole).
2. If the other party has noises only in a fixed place, change the place.
Check the signals at the location. In general, the signal strength at the location is related.

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